Personal Injury Claims
We don't leave our home in the morning wanting to be involved in an accident or wanting to slip or trip, but the fact of the matter remains - accidents do happen.

We provide a comprehensive service of advising and assisting the injured party in not just recovering compensation for the injuries but also assisting in securing medical treatments such as physiotherapy immediately after the accident. The accident does not necessarily have to involve vehicles, it may be an injury which you sustained whilst at work because of the wet floor, a faulty door or simply the working environment that you are in. As such, we specialise in bringing actions against the employer and also against the Local Government (Local Council) for injuries that you may have sustained because of a pothole in the road, or a protruded paving. With a panel of doctors and engineers able to act at a relatively short notice, we can normally have matters dealt with fairly quickly. Our aim is to make the entire process efficient and quick so that it's as stress-free as possible for you.

If you're misfortunate enough to suffer an injury, then let us help you get what you deserve. Don't suffer alone, talk to us and let us help you compensate for your pain. It's easy, just call us on 0113 200 8300 and we will do the rest. Best of all, it's FREE.
Road Traffic Accident Claims
If you were a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or even cyclist/motorcyclist, provided someone was at fault in causing the injuries, you will be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

At Alliance Law Solicitors we have an in-depth experience in dealing with all manners of road accident claims. The law allows you to claim for losses and injuries which were directly attributed to the accident. Not only can you claim for damages for injuries caused by the accident but also financial losses such as loss of earnings for time off work as a result of your injuries, travel expenses, items damaged in the accident and so on.

Despite significant improvements in road safety RTA’s are a much too familiar site. The severity of these cases varies from minor whiplash to fatalities. RTA’s can often have long term affects to the persons injured and to their families. Here at Alliance Law Solicitors we have a specialist team of Personal injury solicitors dedicated to dealing with personal injury cases for many types of road traffic accidents including but not limited to:

• Car crash claims
• Whiplash claims
• Bike accident claims
• Motorcycle accident claims
• General road traffic accident claims on behalf of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

You can still claim even if the person responsible is uninsured or even if he/she flees the scene. A compensation claim can still be pursued with the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme (MIB). That is not a worry for you, that is something our experts will process if that should be the case.
Clinical Negligence
Clinical Negligence has increased over the last decade with more and more cases being recorded against the medical practitioners be it NHS or the Private Sector.

The NHS Litigation Authority reported that in 2012/2013 it made payments totalling £1.3 billion in respect of all five NHS schemes with estimated potential liabilities of £22.9 billion of which £22.7 billion related to Clinical Negligence claims. This is an almost 3 times increase for the same period in 2002/2003 when the total amount paid out was just under £468 million. The increase in the amount paid out is debatable, however it has to be recognised that the wealth of information available now has inevitably led to the increase of claims against the NHS and the private practice.
Employment Law
Employment law can be contentious, complicated and confusing. If you feel that your rights are not being respected in the workplace, our uncomplicated approach offers a clear way forward, with support along the way.

Disagreements at work can quickly escalate into highly stressful situations that impinge negatively on your personal life. If acted upon early enough we can help you pre-empt this outcome and diffuse the problem diplomatically before it arises. A good employer will welcome the opportunity to avoid dispute through discussion and compromise.

Before resorting to court action, we call upon decades of experience to intelligently explore options for amicable resolution, thereby reducing costs and inconvenience for both parties. However, if the problem deepens and communication breaks down, your Alliance Law team will be on hand to ensure that your interests are protected in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Employment disputes can bring emotional, financial and professional challenges. By combining sensitivity with in-depth expertise and extensive experience we can clarify your position, defend your rights and promote healthy employer-employee relationships.
Civil Litigation
Civil litigation in essence is an umbrella covering everything from Personal Injury through to Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation. It largely concerns those matters which have not resolved themselves and no agreement could be reached between parties to settle the matter and such have escalated to litigation.

Our goal is to get the best results for our clients and more often than not we are able to achieve this outside of litigation, however there will be occasions when this is simply not possible in absence of litigation. Civil Litigation has seen many changes over the years, more so, over the last few years with the introduction of 'the LASPO Act'.
Wills and Probate
You may be an Executor to a Will or the closest blood-relative of someone who has died, this will clearly be a difficult time and our lawyers can provide help to deal with their estate. Sometimes family members can no longer look after their own financial affairs and property. We will make sure you can help protect their assets.

You can arrange an appointment with a member of the Wills and probate team here at Alliance Law should you wish to discuss any of our services further. Our Wills and probate law team can also offer home, hospital or residential home visits in certain cases.

For further information regarding the fees involved in making a Will with Alliance Law Solicitors please contact us. Our probate solicitors are also delighted to offer a fixed price probate service, prices from £495 plus VAT.
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